Playground Visual Movement is an audiovisual production company founded and based in Barcelona. We offer planning, production and editing services for adverts, visual marketing campaigns, or creative projects – making your ideas a reality.

We develop the initial idea and scripts then take the project all the way through to post-production; including filming, editing, graphics, and formatting.

Our involvement in all stages of the project allows us to provide work of the highest quality. We collaborate with companies to get an inside understanding of their needs and create a 100% personalized product. We design audiovisual projects in all formats for use in any media outlet, e.g. cinema, television, web, projections, presentations or product manuals.


  • Idea
  • Script
  • Pre-Production (Casting, Location Indoor/Outdoor )
  • Production
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Music Composition
  • Streaming